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Green bean sprouts ultra-fast slimming 7 days thin 4 kg

绿豆芽超快减肥法 7天瘦4公斤

1. the value of sprout diet

Many people will often eat green bean sprouts, but only because it is affordable. But few people know green sprouts also has a high medical value, used appropriately, conducive to healthy weight loss.

Bean sprouts contain proteins are broken down into easy to be absorbed by the free amino acids, there are many more phosphorus and zinc minerals, vitamin B2, beta-carotene, and so on. The study found: sprouts contain protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin, cellulose, beta-carotene, Nick sour and phosphorus, and zinc minerals, has a wide variety of uses. Because fiber, green bean sprouts and fried Leek with, can be used for prevention of constipation, the elderly and child care is safe and lose weight, green bean sprouts multivitamin, regular consumption for vitamin B2 deficiency induced tongue sores stomatitis, vitamin C deficiency-related diseases has aided treatment effect. United States is highly recommended for green bean sprouts and believe that it is most suitable for obese people eat vegetables.

In Chinese medicine believes above: food, green bean sprouts of cool taste sweet, not only can clear the heat, ventilation channels, the solutions put to the drug, but also stressed the vital and beautiful skin, hot and humid. Use the green bean sprouts, these pharmacological effects can be made into a number of treatment of obesity diet plan.

1. the green bean sprouts with scalding, combined with the soy sauce, vinegar salad you can eat fat to lose weight.

2. will sprout stew served with carp, beauty white skin.

3. take just the green bean sprouts and white leather, and vinegar to drink soup, lose weight.

4. take the green bean sprouts 100 grams, a little salt, pericarpium citri reticulatae 20 grams, stew cooked with water, drink the soup, detoxification and diuretic.

5. will sprout mash rotten stranded juice, add honey, tea served in moderation, fresh cool mesh.

6. take green sprouts 100 grams, 100 grams of dandelion and boiled down, green bean sprouts, Yin Tang, oil weight loss.

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超效土豆减肥法 吃出火辣身材

II. the mung bean dental diet

Usually you can eat bean sprouts, here to tell you about a weight-loss meal:

Material: foam hair jellyfish 250 g, 500 g green bean sprouts, carrots 200 g, 200 g, salt, parsley, cooking wine, peanut oil, it seems appropriate.

Production: Bubble hair jellyfish wash cutting filament, bails out alternate, green bean sprouts to head wash stand. Wok oil burning hot, down into the blast pot, chopped into green bean sprouts, carrots, shredded jellyfish, coriander segment turned over fried, to green bean sprouts, carrots become soft, salt, monosodium glutamate, cooking wine, even out of the pot. Characteristics: crisp and refreshing, delicious and fat a day, eat lunch and dinner may be reduced to the approximately 8 pounds. (Source: PConline photography tribal)

10-speed thin diet strategies you must know

10大速瘦饮食策略 你不可不知

1, per person per day for a bottle of milk

Every day, after breakfast or 1 hour before bed added a bottle of milk, develop the habit of drinking milk. Milk enriched with calcium, literature reports, atherosclerosis, hypertension, colon cancer, dementia, and progress with calcium deficiency. As for lactase deficiency not drinking milk may be drinking yoghurt.

2, per person per day one egg

A weight of approximately 1 two eggs, egg yolk contains about 280 mg cholesterol, just right for one person, one-day physiological needs. Egg yolk lecithin can decrease in blood viscosity, avoiding cholesterol calm. Eggs provide essential amino acids, their composition ratio is ideal for human needs.

3, every day eat beans and Bean products

Beans and bean products can help to address malnutrition, complement proteins required for the human body, and can prevent nutrient surplus, not like eating meat that would increase cholesterol levels. Which is available for crop, soybean protein content in the highest, highest-quality crop.

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10大速瘦饮食策略 你不可不知

4. to create conditions for eating fish

Fish oil is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, hypolipidemic effect, which polyene Palmitic acids and blood cholesterol medicine, can reduce platelet aggregation, reduce blood viscosity, effectively removing Endovascular fat deposition, vascular ldquo; scavenger rdquo;.

5. eat pork poultry meat, eat less

Poultry meat and poultry meat protein is animal protein, essential nutrients. However, the pork in the ointment, many containing saturated fatty acids. Therefore, nutritionists agree to eat some chicken, duck, pork does not eat, but eat less meat, and healthy.

The most delicious day 6, 500 grams of vegetables (including fruit 50 ~ 100 g)

In addition to the vegetables and fruits contain plenty of vitamins, minerals, rich in dietary fiber. You can prevent constipation, and reduces waste hazardous substances on the intestinal wall damage prevention of colorectal cancer, but also to prevent obesity and improve the lipid metabolism.

10大速瘦饮食策略 你不可不知

7, mushroom products are included in the diet

Mushroom, mushroom, fungus, mushroom products, including a general vegetable proteins, essential amino acids in proportion to the right, there are a variety of trace elements and other essential substances, long-term consumption to good health.

8, salt, a double-edged sword

Many studies show that lack of salt will not do; but high salt diet on human health. High salt is cause gastric ulcers, stomach cancer, one of the main culprit. High sodium is particularly evident for hypertension. In addition, high sodium diet will result in the loss of calcium. Change the fresh ldquo; Chatham rdquo; bad eating habits, and strive to achieve family of three monthly salt intake control in 500 grams.

绿豆芽超快减肥法 7天瘦4公斤

9, control of high sugar high-fat diet

According to the observation that if physiologists per person per day extra to add a spoon of sugar (15 grams) 1 tablespoon oil (15 grams), then a year will increase the weight of 10 kg. Fat little no, more harmful.

General adult to 2 tablespoons per day per person (30 grams); obesity, hyperlipemia patients to 1 tablespoon per person per day.

10, food can not be less

Food varieties enriched, per capita food intake less. If insufficient long-term calorie carbohydrates to provide heat less than 55% of dietary calories, the human body can only be protein acts as a heat production, led to the growth and development of children; adults cheering stopped, referred to. In addition to obesity, diabetes mellitus, adult daily food intake in General be 300 ~ 400 g. (Source: CFP, PConline photography tribal)